I’m pleased to say that I’ve been awarded EFIAP. This is the second level of the FIAP accreditations and it enables me to use the letters EFIAP after my name, in place of my existing AFIAP.

My target this time was 250 acceptances, two awards, 20 countries, 50 distinct images, twelve prints and 30 salons, all including those used for AFIAP.

Salons contributing images to my application, on top of those from AFIAP were:

  • South Devon (England)
  • Mahfuzullah Memorial (Bangladesh)
  • Danubious (Romania)
  • Welsh Salon (Wales)
  • Smederevo (Serbia)
  • Photo Journey (Czech Republic)
  • Through The Viewfinder (Serbia)
  • Canvas (Montenegro)
  • Wojnicz (Poland)
  • Reflection of the World (Ukraine)
  • French Digital Tour (France)
  • ISO (Belgium)
  • Tramontana (Montenegro)
  • Smethwick (England)
  • Soproni Fotoklub (Hungary)
  • Cacak (Montenegro)
  • Yorkshire (England)
  • Ohrid (Macedonia)
  • AFAD (Turkey)
  • Photo Dream (Serbia)
  • Boka Bay (Montenegro)
  • Trofeu Torretes (Spain)
  • Victory Photo Club (Montenegro)
  • Sydney Harbour (Australia)
  • Scottish Salon (Scotland)
  • Edinburgh Salon (Scotland)
  • Manhattan (USA)
  • Gradac (Montenegro)
  • Yorkshire (England)

Images submitted for this in additional to those for AFIAP were:

So now it’s on to an attempt to get EFIAP/bronze. None of these images can be used again for FIAP accreditations, and the counters are now wiped clean. My target is now 200 acceptances, four awards, five countries and 50 distinct images. I’ve been saving up lots of stuff I’ve produced since my last salon, so hopefully it shouldn’t take too long. We’ll see how is goes!

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