Today, Sharon and I travelled over the border to Chorley for an assessment of ten of our prints.  These were viewed by six different judges who all scored them between two and five, giving a total overall mark between 12 and 20.  I’m glad to say we both passed and can now use CPAGB after our name.

The criteria the judges used was to vote rather than give a score.  They voted 4 for a yes, and 3 for a near miss; 2 was a no and 5 was “good enough for the next level”.  We needed to average 20 points per print over the ten images and we both achieved this with ease.

The standard was high with 33 out of 48 entrants passing in prints, and 20 of 33 passing with projected images.  We must thank our mentor, Marilyn Roberts, for all her help preparing our entries and everyone else who looked at our images and suggested improvements.  It was worth it in the end!

We entered prints for this, but it is also possible to enter digital images.  I was always recommended to do prints, as you have less control over how the image comes out once it is projected.  On the day, prints were done in the morning and digital images were projected in the afternoon.  I had fun during this session, trying to do educated guessing on what the image would score.  I managed four correct in a row before I was so surprised I forgot to score the next image in time and lost my streak!  We worked out later that on average the prints were in front of the judges for about seven seconds.

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