Into The Mist

2016 Photo Art Vision, Czech Republic: PSA Honourable Mention
2016/17 Ilkley Camera Club: IM Glover Trophy
2017 GB Small Prints Carlisle: Gold Medal
2017 Club Photo Lagacilly, France: Judge 2 Favourite
2017 YPU Exhibition: Best Open PDI Image
(Bryce Thompson Cup)
2017 SRGB Print Celebration: Ribbon
2017 Photo Journey, Czech Republic: FIAP Blue Ribbon
2017 Dingwall: Commended
2019 RPS DIG PDI Competition: Ribbon


2017 YPU Exhibition: Certificate

The Watcher In The Waves

2017 Cyprus International: ISF Silver
2017 YPU Exhibition: Best Open Colour Print
(Yorkshire Post Trophy)
2017 Day Of Fidelity, Hungary: FIAP Honourable Mention

Ruins By Night

2017 Sydney Harbour: Ribbon
2017/18 Ilkley Camera Club: RH Walker Trophy
2017 Day Of Fidelity, Hungary: FIAP Honourable Mention

Young Red Kite

2017 MOF, Turkey: FIAP Blue Ribbon

The Lake Guardian

2017 YPU Exhibition: Certificate

Olivers Castle

2017 GB Small Prints Carlisle: Honourable Mention

Tree Grove In The Mist

2017 YPU Exhibition: Certificate

A World Beyond

2017 Sydney Harbour: Bronze Medal

Cathedral Ceiling

2017 YPU Exhibition: Certificate

Lone Tree

2017 YPU Exhibition: Certificate
2018 SRGB Print Celebration: SRGB Ribbon


2017 SRGB Print Celebration: Gold Award

Flooding in Leeds 2015

2017 Mahfuzullah Memorial, Bangladesh: IUP HM Green Ribbon


2017 Smederevo, Serbia: Salon Diploma
2017 Through The Viewfinder, Serbia: PSA Honourable Mention

Bolton Abbey Sunbeam

2017 Through The Viewfinder, Serbia: Salon Diploma

Great Grey Owl

2018 Boka Bay, Montenegro: Honorable Mention


2018 SRGB Print Celebration: BPE Ribbon

The Wishing Tree

2019 YPU Exhibition: Certificate
2019 DIG PDI Competition: Ribbon

Peacock Tree Frog Trio

2019 Mahfuz Ullah Memorial: PSA HM Red Ribbon

Crested Gecko Tongue

2019 Tour Circuit Salon Kula: Salon Honorable Mention
2019 Balkan Frame: FIAP Honorable Mention
2019 Photo Click Circuit Korce, Albania: PSA Honourable Mention

The Red Hut

2019 Balkan Frame: FK Elema Honorable Mention

The Final Gateway

2019 Shadowhunter Croatia: PSA Honourable Mention

The Mirror of Reminiscence

2019 Aphrodite, Greece: Honorable Mention

Crested Gecko on Stump

2019 Tramontana, Montenegro: PC Perasto Praise

Clown of Fear

2019 Lanterna Magica, Denmark: Honorable Mention

Contented Owl

2019 MOF, Turkey: Salon Diploma


2019 Photo Click Circuit Tirana, Albania: PSA Honourable Mention

Mossy Frog on Branch

2019 Photo Nature, Brazil: Club Diploma

By Lamplight

2020 Pamir, Country: Honourable Mention

Entering The Maelstrom

2020 Swedish Small Print, PSA Ribbon

Through The Arch

2020 RPS DIG PDI Competition: Gold Medal